The easy online solution for HR that you've been looking for

Our easy to use HR software is the ideal solution for SMEs. It provides an affordable database, accessible from anywhere, which looks after all your day to day HR requirements, including record-keeping, holiday and sickness absences.

Employee database

The system is built on an employee database and stores everything associated with the employee. At the touch of a button you will be able to access your staff’s current and past job history, their employment contract, their holidays and absences, their remuneration details, their appraisals, training and performance reviews and their time-tracking and expenses.

Staff handbook

This section of the software allows you to save your staff handbook documents so that your staff can have easy and quick access to them. You can also store your company Vision, Mission and Values here, as well as other more informal information such as social events or good places for staff to go for lunch locally.

Holiday and absence management

This part of the system is designed to show you where your staff are at all times. You will be able to see who is off sick, who is on holiday and who is working from home on any given day of the week.

Reminders and warnings

Our software reminds you of key dates such as birthdays, end of probation periods, end of the first two years’ employment, imminent work permit or practising certificate expiry. You will also get notification if any member of staff is currently earning below National Minimum Wage or Living Wage—which can easily happen when a younger member of staff has a birthday.


Our online appraisal system manages the appraisal process for you. It reminds both the manager and the employee when the appraisal is due and then reminds them to complete the appraisal forms ahead of the scheduled appraisal date. You can customise the questions to suit your business and look at reports to compare employee performance or look at performance over time.


Our software offers a number of standard reports for one-click access to commonly used reports such as the Payroll report and the Employee Snapshot report. You can also create your own reports that can be viewed on screen, or exported/saved as a PDF or .CSV file.

Health and safety

Our software stores details of all key Health & Safety roles for each location that you may have, and sends warnings out if any of these role-holders are due to leave so that the Health and Safety role can be replaced in time. Additionally, all of your staff can use the system to see who the H&S officers and also find out where the First Aid kit is located.

Time Tracking & Billing

You can record the time you work on a project or activity by using the built in stopwatch feature and then allocate that time to a project or client or activity. This allows you to easily see how much time has been spent on a different client work or project work and by whom.

Staff expenses

Our expenses system lets your staff quickly and easily fill in an expense claim from their smartphone or computer. They can easily upload pictures of receipts to attach to each claim, and they can charge the expense to a project/client or code. You can then approve or reject the expenses online and a record of the expense claim is filed away.

Mobile-ready to use on the go

Our software is built to work well on mobile devices whether it’s a tablet or a smartphone, so you and your staff can use all of the software features when you are out and about.