“The Council have been greatly impressed with the approachable nature of Canter, Levin & Berg and their responsive attitude in terms of sound and pragmatic legal and procedural advice. The Council’s representation at Tribunals has been conducted with the thorough professionalism we would expect. The Council has benefited from the advocacy skills which underpin the experience and reputation of an organisation such as Canter Levin & Berg.”

Brendan Farrell, Head of Human Resources, St Helens Council

Canter Levin & Berg Employment Solutions provides a comprehensive and cost effective employment law and human resources solution for UK employers.

Designed from the ground up and provided only by Canter Levin & Berg Solicitors, we act for organisations nationwide. Our unique proposition has always been to deliver a prompt, efficient, and personal service to our subscribers through the provision of direct access to our specialist employment solicitors.

Our product has a clear focus on providing businesses with a solution that they can trust. Our processes are easy to use and effective and we guarantee a full response to any enquiry within 24 hours.

Our team is made up of qualified legal professionals who ensure that your business is being guided and supported by the latest and most efficient employment law resources at all times.

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