Katharine-KellyKatharine Kelly discusses the importance of having a written record of all relevant policies and procedures relating to employment so that everyone understands their rights and obligations and as an aid to improved productivity.

A staff handbook is a statement comprising details of the policies of your business and details of how your business is conducted and it can be one of the most important methods of communication between you and your employees. It gives you the opportunity to set out all of the information about your business in one document showing your employees exactly what is expected of them. It also allows them to see what they can expect from the business. A well drafted handbook paves the way for better employer-employee relationships as all parties are fully aware of their rights and responsibilities.

It is essential that your business holds a handbook that is clear and unambiguous ensuring that in the event of dispute parties can turn to the handbook and the issue can be handled in a fair, reasonable and consistent manner. You can then be comfortable in the knowledge that you have acted reasonably and can defend any claim made against you in an employment tribunal.

Every staff handbook will differ considerably from one business to the next and will depend on the size of your business, the number of employees that you have and what policies you want to include.

Our expert team of employment lawyers can assist in developing a clear handbook that is tailored to your businesses specific requirements and help you to understand the requirements of employment law. We will then continue to develop this with you and provide you with necessary updates to ensure that the benefits continue long into the future. Call us on 08000 832 832 for assistance and advice.

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