Katharine-KellyKatharine Kelly highlights the issues to watch out for when formulating a recruitment policy.

There are many considerations when you embark on a process of recruitment to ensure that you take on the best candidates. In particular you must remember your legal responsibility to treat candidates fairly and avoid discrimination, on the grounds of sex, race, age, sexual orientation, religion or due to a disability. Discrimination could mean that you miss out on the best person for the job and be unlawful.

The balance of the labour force is changing with increasing numbers of women and older people entering and remaining in the workplace. It is imperative that you comply with the law and ensure that your processes are fair and reasonable for all people who wish to be considered for a position in every aspect of the recruitment process.

Legislation will need to be considered and adhered to at every step of the recruitment process from advertising through to the offer of employment. If you fail to do so a candidate may be entitled to make a claim against you for discrimination and if successful this could be very costly for your business.

Those undertaking the recruitment process must be trained to ensure that discriminatory practices during recruitment are not tolerated and you must have a well drafted and comprehensive recruitment policy to ensure consistency of approach across your business.

We can assist in drafting a clear and precise recruitment policy to ensure that you work within the law and will support you during recruitment to ensure that you act lawfully and recruit the best possible candidate for your business. Please call us on 08000 320 974 for advice and assistance on a long term solution.

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