Katharine-KellyKatharine Kelly highlights the main issues to look out for when considering workplace health and safety requirements and the services we can provide.

Employers are responsible for the health and safety of their employees and others, such as customers and suppliers. Effective health and safety policy can pay for itself whilst the alternative leads to accidents, illness and significant costs to your business.

Your responsibilities include creating and operating a clear health and safety policy; meeting the minimum workplace standards for health and safety; adequately recording and reporting accidents or incidents and carrying out risk assessments.

There are severe consequences for businesses who do not comply with their responsibilities. Costs include the wages of those who are ill or injured and covering their positions whilst they are absent; compensation if you are responsible for accidents causing injury to individuals and increased insurance premiums. Crucially health and safety legislation also provides for fines for defaulting businesses, prison sentences in severe cases and it is also possible for businesses to be closed down. It is vital therefore, that you are aware of the law surrounding health and safety and adhere to it.

Failing to establish and implement good health and safety policies could be an expensive mistake and we are here to assist you in developing a policy that suits the needs and demands of your business before problems arise. We will then continue to support you in implementing your policy to ensure that it works well into the future.

It is vital that both you and your business are protected from the ever increasing burdens imposed by health and safety legislation. Our consultants can ensure that all your working practices are compliant with current UK and European standards. Our aim is to create a watertight system that is both preventative and safe. However, if there is an accident, you will be able to demonstrate to the relevant enforcement officer that your obligations have been discharged in full.

We have the appropriate expertise to deal with all compliance sectors from low risk office environments to high risk chemical plants.

We provide:-

  • a thorough health and safety audit and production of a written report on compliance with health and safety law
  • production of a health and safety plan
  • a customised health and safety employment handbook
  • relevant documentation templates to maintain records

This fixed price supplement to CLB Employment Solutions is available from as little as £110 per month.

Optional extra services include:

  • Conducting workplace risk assessments including fire safety, manual handling, COSHH, DSE, work equipment, and general environment
  • Production of safe working procedures as required
  • Production of safety management system specific policies
  • Environmental policies
  • Staff training
  • Conducting accredited IOSH training courses
  • Visiting clients’ premises
  • Providing 24 hour telephone advice
  • Acting as the company’s general adviser for health and safety
  • Implementation and delivery of contractors’ vetting procedure
  • Investigating serious accidents for the company

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