Katharine-KellyKatharine Kelly discusses the importance of implementing equal opportunities policies and procedures, no matter what the size of your business.

Equal opportunities promote the idea that everyone within an organisation should have an equal chance to apply and be selected for posts, to be trained and/or be promoted and to have their employment terminated equally and fairly.

Every employer should have an equal opportunities policy designed to ensure that, as a minimum, the business complies with its equality obligations under the current anti-discrimination legislation.

You must take care to ensure that equal opportunities policies are clear and accurate. You must also understand the extent of your duty to employees and that they are always adhered to. Failure to do so can and frequently does lead to discrimination claims being made against you by a disgruntled employee, job applicant and other person associated with your business. A strong policy will also boost staff morale which will benefit your business generally as well as reducing the danger of any court action.

You must also ensure that if an equal opportunities issue arises you and your managers are trained to deal with it efficiently. This will often be under your businesses grievance procedure.

Our expert employment team can assist you in devising an equal opportunities policy; communicating that policy to your employees and in ensuring that all communication created by you is sensitive to your policy. Please call us on 08000 832 832 for assistance.

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