hobs-reprographicsHobs Reprographics plc is a high street fixture and the UK’s largest reprographics company. Their red cars are seen throughout the UK. They employ hundreds of staff at dozens of locations throughout England, Wales and Scotland.

The Problem

Hobs Reprographics plc recognised that the market was changing and that they needed to reposition themselves in order to maintain their market share in the long term. A major restructure was needed. Branches needed to merge, acquisitions need to be made, procedures and policies implemented or re-drafted, contracts altered and any outstanding litigation needed to be dealt with quickly so that the business could move on and achieve its plans.

The Consultation

Katharine Kelly met with the Human Resources department and held a round table discussion as to their needs and a plan for the forthcoming year. Initial advice was given to the experienced HR team about how best to resolve the transitional problems that would be incurred and a plan was drawn up to implement the changes that their business needed.

The Solution

Hobs Reprographics plc was given a team of employment lawyers to work on their project; a specialist in restructuring and redundancy, a specialist in non-contentious law and a specialist in litigation. With three lawyers working closely with their Human Resources department on their project, they managed to achieve their aims. The business was successfully restructured, existing problems eliminated or resolved and documentation harmonised. All this was achieved for a low monthly fee, saving the business tens of thousands of pounds in legal fees.